Bulk Fuel

FueleX is a Western Australian distributor of Liberty Oil fuel products, allowing us to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. FueleX understands the different needs of each customer and, therefore, through our reliable state-wide distribution network, FueleX can provide a range of bulk fuel products in various quantities.

FueleX bulks fuels include:

Extra-low sulphur diesel

Extra-low sulphur diesel is a premium grade automotive and industrial diesel that contains less than 10mg/kg of sulphur and is designed for all diesel engines. The Extra-low sulphur diesel complies with the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 to meet all environmental requirements.

Unleaded 91 (ULP 91)

Unleaded 91 is the most common petroleum type used by most petrol engines.

Premium Unleaded 95 (PULP 95)

Premium Unleaded 95 is designed for high-performance vehicles that run exclusively on premium fuels with a minimum 95 octane rating.

Premium Unleaded 98 (PULP 98)

Premium Unleaded 98 is designed for high performance vehicles that run exclusively on a minimum octane rating of 98. PULP 98 provides an improved fuel economy and helps prevent the build-up of engine deposits.

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